Nomination Big

Each Nomination Big link measures approximately 0.97cm in width and 1.2cm in height. Measure the size of your wrist in cm, then add on 2 for the number of links you will need for a close fit or 3 for a more relaxed fit.
E.g. If your wrist measures 14cm and you would like a more relaxed fit then 14 + 3 = 17 link bracelet. Or for a close fit, use 14 + 2 = 16 link bracelet. For someone else, 18 links is the average so use that as a starting point in your judgement.
Nomination Big Bracelet Tight Wrist Measurement Recommended Bracelet Size

16cm    18 Links (16cm bracelet) - Most popular
17cm    19 Links (17cm bracelet)
18cm    20 Links (18cm bracelet)

If you are undecided between two sizes of bracelet, we would advise going larger as you can simply remove the additional links to make the bracelet the perfect size for the wearer.

Don't forget that you have to buy at least one Nomination charm when you buy a base bracelet, so that charm could be your extra link.