General Jewellery Care Guide

The best way to look after your jewellery… wear it often and relish in the enjoyment!

Tucking your items away in a box or drawer can cause accelerated tarnishing to your Silver Jewellery.  In the event your item does become tarnished, often this can be simply rectified using a lint-free polishing cloth to bring the shine up of your jewellery.

Getting technical, tarnishing to Silver is a natural occurrence and happens when Silver interacts with the air around us. When not wearing your jewellery, the best way to store this would be within an airtight bag to prevent any discolouration.

We encourage wearing your jewellery as much as possible, but there are times when looking glamorous is overturned by the practicalities of looking after your jewellery. Cool poolside Instagram shots are a must but jumping in the pool with your jewellery on may not end happily. We would always advise our customers to remove any jewellery when cleaning, bathing, partaking in sports and whilst sleeping. Not only can these cause tarnishing but they can also cause damage to your beloved items.

Moisturisers, perfumes and make-up are what many of us use on a daily basis, but these should be applied and allowed to dry before putting on your jewellery.

A polishing cloth is a handy item to have around to give your jewellery a renewed feeling and bring back the shine. We do offer a range of jewellery cleaning products on our site and have two polishing cloths – one for Silver and one for Gold.

A handy way to remember all this is... "Jewellery is the last thing to put on in the morning and the first thing to take off at night".

View our full range of care products here:  John Greed | Jewellery Care

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