Adding Nomination links to your bracelet

Designed and made in Italy, a Nomination Composable Bracelet is a bracelet comprised of a series of links. Connected by a spring-loaded mechanism, each link can be filled (and replaced), one by one, with a different decorative charm link.  A Nomination Bracelet looks fabulous, stacked, worn beside a watch, or just by itself; it is a truly versatile piece.

Adding, removing, and changing around the links on your Nomination bracelet is super easy! It may take one or two tries the first time, but soon you'll get the hang of it. Have fun! 

Step 1: Expand the bracelet's links

Step 2: Grasp the two links you want to separate and unhook them

Step 3: Insert and connect the new link

The Nomination charm tool is an alternative method to easily attach or remove your Nomination bracelet links. The tool has four different sides with different thicknesses, allowing you to quickly and easily attach different charms together. Order online and make building your Nomination bracelet simpler than ever! Available here.